Jennifer’s Picks

If you’re new to Jennifer’s books, you may wonder where to start. Lots of people ask her, “Which book should I read first?” Her answer is always, “It depends! What do you like?” Her Cotton Candy for the Soul brand of storytelling covers a lot of genres, so there are many options of “all the escapist feels” to choose from: mystery, romance, comedy, literary fiction, and so forth.

However, if you just want to know what books she likes most from her catalogue, here are some places to start, each with a short description of why she loves that book. Choosing favorites is hard! But these are a select few, which are mostly available to read in Kindle Unlimited and on Audible Plus. Enjoy!


“I read a lot of mysteries, and my dearly departed mom never read a romance, so this book was written just for her, in her memory.


“This book floated through my mind for two years, making me happy, until it finally was committed to the page. Before it went to the editor, I read it aloud to my husband and daughter, and they laughed in all the right places. I’ll always keep this book’s creation as a joyful memory, and I just love the emotional connection between Annabel and Cash!”


“I never thought a coma romance could be so satisfying to read or to write. But the characters in this story just evoke magic for me, and as they uncover their hidden history together, this book unfolds as one of my favorite–if not my #1 favorite–things I’ve ever written.”


“For years, my husband (who is also my muse) encouraged me to write an amnesia-themed romance. I resisted, thinking it would be impossible to make it seem both plausible and fun. But one morning, I woke up with the entire plot (and the unique device to make it work) in my mind, and I absolutely love the way this story turned out. He was right! An amnesia plot can be totally swoonworthy!”


“While writing Blinded, I wrote about the places where my mom lived as a girl–California beaches, inland locations, places she and my grandmother took me as a child. I lived there in my head through the whole drafting process. But what I loved most was how the two characters completed each other! I love the boss romances, and I also love the “professor” archetype. So much so, I married one!”


“Legally Wedded came to me in a matter of moments, and I wrote it in just twenty-three days. I was listening to a bittersweet song sung by a five-man a capella group, and the whole, swoony story poured into my mind. I’d never written a novel so quickly, and it seemed like the story formed itself on the page. Even nearly eight years later (at this writing), this book’s pages have been read more than any of my other books. And the audio version is just as sigh-worthy.”


“This is my homage to the wonderful people I met while living in Japan, whom I loved and will always cherish. Buck Cooper remains my favorite character I’ve ever created. His journey through culture shock reflects my own while living there, and I love that this book has been read by teenagers and young adults. I hope we can all “find our sumo,” like Buck did!”

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