Book Review: One Boy No Water

It just launched Saturday, and I want to be among the first to post a review of this brand spanking new tome! Me first, me first, me me me me mememeeeeee! Heeere goes: REVIEW: ONE BOY NO WATER I’m really excited to review the newest release from Jolly Fish Press, One Boy No Water, by […]

Stop (Book) Clubbing Baby Seals

I love those meme posters that prove that grammar can save the world. One features a pic of a baby seal on a disco floor, with the caption, “Stop clubbing, baby seals.” How commas change everything. So, yeah. I had the very cool expierence last night of attending a book club where the featured read […]

Super Duper Duper Cool!

I went to a booksigning this morning and this author guy said, “Have you seen that sumo video? The one where the little white guy can cream all the huge, enormous sumo wrestlers? Time after time, he just smears them. You have to look it up!” Well, bet your bottom dollar, I came right home […]

My Super Secret Superhero Mission du jour

I have spent the last several days just clearing out the toy room. After five kids and about 15 years, there are a LOT of toys. The girls went to my neighbor’s yard sale the other morning and brought home more treasures, and I thought, “That’s it! It has to stop somewhere.” Not that the […]