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Huge Thanks to ARC Reviewers

A big shout-out of thanks to my wonderful review crew. Wills & Trust launches on Monday, July 31, and with the help of all these amazing reviewers, it’s on track to get a strong launch on the charts, and thereby to reach more readers.  I really do have encouraging friends and incredibly supportive readers. A virtual hug […]

Hot & Ready (to review)

Hot & Ready (to review)

Meanwhile, here in sunny, sunny, sunny Arizona, the sun is trying to kill us. So is lightning. A lightning strike 20 days ago has burned about something like 70 square miles on the mountain that dominates our valley’s landscape, our one respite from the annual blast oven of summer that runs from April through early November. It stinks. […]


I love a good bargain. Don’t you? Here’s one. BIG IN JAPAN is only $1.99 right now for Kindle. That’s, what? Like 80% off? I LOVE 80% off. It’s the cheapest my publisher has ever listed it, I think. Just get it. It’s less than the $2 that demonic newspaper delivery kid fought for in […]