Well, This is Awesome: $50 Gift Card

It’s FALL! Time to curl up on your autumn sofa with a steaming cup and escape!

If you’re a romance reader, and you want to find a new author to love but you don’t want to expend much RISK, here’s an awesome author cross-promo I joined. It’s called…


I, personally, can easily fall in love with the idea of TWENTY-TWO free romances–PLUS a chance at a free $50 gift card to Amazon. Hello. I like to party, and by party I mean read a lot of books and get a gift card for MORE books.

Here’s how it works: click here. Then you choose whichever books you want to download (mine, if you haven’t already!), and then start reading. The authors will send you an email describing a little about themselves. You can read any or all of the books, and see if you’re a match.

Easy! Low risk! Free! Lots to love.

Oh, and since this is My Book Cave’s promo, it has all the books RATED, as in movie ratings, so it tells you ahead of time what the content is. In this promo, my book is “mild,” with just the kissing of TRUE LOVE. Check out the other books, too.

Have fun. Happy weekend, falling into reading love, my friends. <3