New Boxed Set

I’ve decided to put my Legally in Love series into two boxed sets. Here’s the first one, available now–including in Kindle Unlimited.

This one is “Legally in Love Boxed Set Volume 1: The Marriages of Convenience,” and it includes Legally Wedded, and Illegally Wedded, both of the MofC stories in the series. I also threw in the bonus novel Mergers and Acquisitions, which has the fun of three romances coming to fruition in one novel.

Lawyers and love!

For fans of the feel-good romantic comedies on the Hallmark Channel, this collection of standalone romances sparkles. This set contains three full-length clean romantic comedies. The first two feature a marriage of convenience, with the couple conveniently married and inconveniently falling in love. The third (bonus) book is an “unlikely matchmaker” story with hilarious conflict and sigh-inducing romance. Each book is a romantic comedy with swoon-worthy kisses, and a legal twist. Read books 1-3 of this eight-book series, and fall in love—legally. 

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