The Lure of Demolition

With the new year, I’ve gone back to my morning stationary bike rides–which means watching TV again. Yahoo! I’d missed it during the “gym only” months.

Those home renovation shows are my guilty pleasure. Luckily, my husband Gary digs a few of them, too, depending on the personalities of the hosts. (He likes Desert Flippers most right now. Have you seen that? Hilarious husband guy. Plus great ideas for a climate like ours: too hot.) I was trying to figure out why the appeal of these shows.

Then I realized–the story lines are kind of like plots in books. There’s this old version, and then a destruction–a “total gut job” in some of the best episodes–and then a total renewal for better function and, well, peace of mind. (Since they often replace what you can’t see, like wiring and plumbing as well as decorations.) 

Sometimes the new version isn’t even recognizable, it’s that much better. My favorite books to read often have that theme. The original main character has flaws of personality, or of thought patterns, and they have to be demolished by events in the plot. Then, the plot helps the person rebuild him or herself in a new, upgraded version–better for life functionality and peace of mind. 

My 16-year-old daughter said my Destruction Satisfaction Theory reminded her of a C.S. Lewis quote about our own lives. (She is so wise sometimes.) (Also, I don’t know this blogger, but I liked his thoughts.) Meanwhile, I could use a few renovations–as can my books’ characters. Getting back to work on those! 

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