“Falling for TJ Maxx”aka “Most Embarrassing Moments: Recent Edition”

This is the “most embarrassing moments: recent” edition of my blog. If you’re not in the mood to cringe, move along. Nothin’ to see here.

So, on Friday last week I went to the city (we live two hours out of any “real” town) for an appointment. Of course I also saw it as a chance to go to my favorite stores, eat food I never get to eat at home, and listen to the station I like on the radio. (When does that happen when you have teenagers at home?)

My first stop? The ever-glorious TJ Maxx. In my irrational enthusiasm, I sprang from my car and strode toward the beautiful store with its marked-down home decorating items and racks of fashion I may never understand. I had my favorite song going through my head, my cutest shoes on, my awesome dollar-store sunglasses—and fifteen minutes in which to savor the joys of TJ’s.

Just inches from the store, an offending three-inch curb loomed up, grabbed the front of my cute, cute shoe, and BAMMO. Next thing I know, I’m face-planting on the sidewalk. Why does falling happen both in slow-motion and so, so fast? I ask you!

In a flash, the sweetest homeless woman, carrying a rainbow umbrella, was at my side. “Oh, honey! Are you all right?” By then, I had sprung to my feet and was holding the scrape on my poor little elbow and looking around to see who’d seen my sprawling wonder. The kind lady comforted me, and I assured her the only thing hurt was my pride.

Annnd, it turned out quite a few witnesses saw my spectacle. Life is never dull, right?

The great thing about doing dumb stuff really often, is I can spread them over multiple characters when I write stories. Basically any of the stupid stuff you will see characters in my book do are things I’ve done in real life. Only, it wouldn’t be believable if a single character experienced/perpetrated them all. It’s kind of cathartic to replay them as if they happened to someone else, and not just myself, too. Ha.

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