Hello, Fellow Reader. I probably should have been writing this Christmas break. I have a really ambitious publishing plan this upcoming year.

However, there was SNOW! So I went sledding most of the day Monday.
It’s my favorite! And it never happens.  

When I was a kid, I lived in southern Idaho. Snow happened pretty muchfrom October through April, and sometimes outside those months as

It was a snowy land. 

Every winter, sledding was a major thing. We had toboggans, saucers,
huge innertubes.

On my dad’s farm, there was a sledding hill–steep and deep. It led onto the frozen reservoir, which was about a hundred feet across, its surface generally frozen a foot thick with ice.

Nothing was better than sledding off the little cliff from the farm road, then zipping as far as possible across the ice. 

Trust me, when it snowed here, I was the most enthusiastic sledder in the whole Griffith family. I was 11 again, not 47. The youngest girls didn’t
believe me when I insisted the best way to stay warm is to keep sledding.

Climb that hill! Your heart rate will keep you warm! Ah, nostalgia.

Beautiful snow.

So, so happy. Happy New Year! I hope you find something that gives you this much joy.

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