True Love Dog Destiny

My husband and I have been married 21 ¾ years. We’ve known each other for nearly 23. How is it possible there are surprises over and over confirming our “destined” love?

Tuesday morning I was asking my husband about Snowball, the dog he had when he was a little boy. I’ve never seen a picture of the dog, and I asked how big he was and what color. Kids are notorious for naming pets random thing so I wondered, was Snowball even white? 

“Snowball was white,” he said. “He wasn’t little, though. He was a little smaller than a German Shepherd.”

“So was he a mutt?”

“Yeah, he was a mix between a Brittany spaniel and a Samoyed.”

Stop the presses. Seriously? I said, “I grew up with only three dogs: a Brittany spaniel, a mutt, and a Samoyed.”See? Destiny. Probably. Maybe? What do you think? Are some loves destiny?

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