Five Movies that Define You

The other day a friend tossed out a topic on Facebook and asked for responses. Despite what initially looked like a fluffy subject, he received some insightful answers.

His question was this: Name five movies that define you. Not that are your favorite, or that make you think, but that are a reflection of who you are.

The responses varied wildly. A surprising number of lists contained the film “Secondhand Lions.” (Who would’ve guessed?) Anyway, I got thinking and came up with my own list. I’m adding it here in thumbnail. If you’re interested in the “why,” I’ll post that at the bottom of this newsletter and you can read it there. It’s kinda personal, so maybe I’m oversharing. Oh, well. (And no, #1 is not because I know how to dance a single step, or #5 that I wish I could move back to a farm anytime soon.)

1) Strictly Ballroom

2) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

3) Stranger Than Fiction

4) The Rookie

5) Cold Comfort Farm

Which leaves me with a question for you–what would your five-movie list look like?

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