Most Embarrassing Moments: Dating Edition

I promised you a “most embarrassing date” story. The truth is, there are probably too many to choose from. I have always been the person without a filter, and that has led to far too many “life experiences.” 

But dating is a whole ‘nother world. I’ll just share one for now.

So. On this one date, I went with a guy to shop for a car. He was graduating from college and wanted a “cool” car to drive to Washington, D.C., where he was going to start is “cool” life. Naturally, he chose the Saab dealership.  (??)

No Saabs were being sold in our countrified college town, so we had to drive to the Big City, about two hours south.

Why he thought *I* would be a good sidekick during a business negotiation, I have no idea. 

Let’s just say: I am not a good sidekick in a business negotiation.

The deal was made, all but signed on the dotted line. He nearly had the Swedish keys in his hot little hand. And then… I said something stupid. Which killed the deal. And it fell apart. Yep. He bought no Saab that day.
And then, on the way home–not in a brand new used Saab but in his old Ford Probe–I yelled for him stop the car! So I could run into an alfalfa field and throw up.

That part of the date might have had something to do with the fact he bought me lunch using trading stamps from the Flying J Truck Stop. But I do take responsibility for the overall badness of that date. 

Note: He didn’t take me when he actually *did* buy a car. Nor did he take me to D.C. with him. As is for the best.

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