My Man is So Manly

I’m working like a banshee on an edit. I have to do a character overhaul because in the early drafts, the hero wasn’t manly!  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Not in a romance. 

I went to talk to my husband (muse) for ideas. He was busy.

“Whatcha doing?”He said, “Oh, my laptop’s screen got cracked, and so did the side.” 

Sure enough, he had the whole laptop taken apart on the kitchen table, a scary melee of tiny, shiny metal parts all around. Yikes. 

“How are you going to fix it?” I asked, not expecting to understand anything he answered. 

But he said, “Well, I have this UV light pen for the weld, and I thought I’d get some Gorilla Tape…” 

Believe it or not, he DID fix it. With a laser and duct tape. That’s manly. That’s what I have to inject in this character! Wish me luck!

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