Happy New Year’s Resolutions

What are your plans for the new year? I’ve been slow to get mine solidified, but I’ve got a hazy idea going, so I’ll share.

Most of mine revolve around two things: my kids and writing. Of course there’s the obligatory “eat less junk food” goal that I have every year, too, but the kid-focus is pretty strong. I want to help them grow and become and settle and achieve—you know, all the best verbs.

My middle daughter needs a good launch into high school, and my youngest into a good middle school. School changes are rough, and my plan is to be The Mom they need for that transition. Also, I’m hoping to get my oldest daughter started playing the organ. She’s great on piano, but now’s a great time to start the organ–before she gets too busy with college classes. Also, I want to listen better. Listening! Isn’t that the bulk of a mother’s job?

As for writing, it’s pretty simple: I want to write several books (I mean eight, specifically)—and I want each one to be a little better than something I’ve written before in at least some aspect.

It seems like I learn something new with every book I attempt. I say attempt because not all of my books end up in the bookstore, believe me. Some are just … yikes. Maybe my goal should be “No yikes books this year.”

I almost always have a reading goal, as well. Last year it was to read several journals of my ancestors. I found three, and that was pretty amazing. They were all men, and this year I’d like to find some of my grandmothers’ journals, if any exist. We’ll see!

What are your plans for 2019?*

*I hope some involve reading a bit of lovely romance.

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