New Romantic Comedy: Second First Kiss

Releasing today, SECOND FIRST KISS: A Romantic Comedy. It was a blast to write. I’ve never tried doing a bunch of medical research, but luckily, I was able to get it all wedged in before the world broke last year and they shut down our local college library. My goal this time was “swoon-worthy kisses,” plus a lot of hilarious situations and wacky side-characters. I hope you enjoy it!

A torching kiss on a long-ago high school dare just might flare up again.

Back in high school, Jasher Hotchkiss and Sage Everton shared one perfect kiss at a kissing booth.

Now, they’ve both returned to their hometown of Mendon. Bachelor Jasher is there against his will as the reluctant new general surgeon. Widowed Sage is the hospital’s underappreciated nurse anesthetist.

They see each other daily.

Neither has forgotten that mind-blowing kiss.

However, if Jasher is universally loathed by the town’s citizens and Sage carries a potentially lethal dating curse, is there any chance at a second first kiss?

Laugh and swoon as these two medical professionals get coerced into dating each other in Second First Kiss. Read this fun, sassy romantic comedy set in a small town hospital with quirky characters and hilarious dialogue and situations.