Available for Pre-Order


I’m excited to announce that I’m banding together with 19 other clean romantic comedy authors to offer a boxed set of TWENTY books to readers–all for 99c! My book will be titled “Elevator Pitch,” and when you see all the other authors’ names, I know if you’re a clean romance reader, you’ll probably recognize all of them–all your favorites!

Why are we offering 20 books for a buck? Because we love you!

Also, because we wanted to do something to give back. All proceeds from the pre-order go to Pets for the Elderly, a non-profit organization that pairs shelter pets with elderly companions. I feel so honored to be part of something delightful like this.

Grab your copy now! Help out the cause, and get your e-readers ready to read some hilarious, swoony-kiss-filled romantic comedies coming July 20, 2021.