Books Get Facelifts, Too

To go along with being age 45, I have had to switch to moisturizer with Retinol in it to stave off some of the wrinkles. It’s working surprisingly well. A huge thank you shout-out to skin science geniuses.

Meanwhile, to go along with the release of Wills & Trust next Monday, all the books in the Legally in Love Collection have received a facelift. Yay!

Here are books 1 & 2 and their new covers.

Book 4, coming soon, will be titled Mergers & Acquisitions. Watch for it in late August. I’ll release that cover soon.

To go with the new update, I’m also giving the opposite of a facelift to the original Book 1 of this series, Attractive Nuisance. Instead of a mere facelift, it’s getting a total gut and interior reno, just like one of those home makeover shows I watch way too often while I work out. It’s getting a new slot in the series (probably as book 5), new characters, new plot. Only setting (Prescott, Arizona) and the overall concept of two rival lawyers going after the same promotion will remain. Someday I’ll reveal why this had to happen. (I guarantee it’s not what anybody would guess.)

I’ll let you see that cover soon. I’m nearly done with the first draft of the rewrite, and I’m loving the changes so far, although I’ll hate them during edits, I promise.