I Saw John Lennon at the Gym

I Saw John Lennon at the Gym

Hello, Reading Friends. So, I joined a gym. It’s not what you think! I joined last fall–not January 1st–when my son left for college. He and my husband had been going together, and I just transferred over the membership since we had it anyway. Sigh. I have a friend who describes going to the gym as “Gymprisonment.” I […]

New Book in the Getaway Bay Series

New Book in the Getaway Bay Series

Announcing a new book in my collaboration with bestselling authors Elana Johnson and Bonnie Paulson in the romantic Hawaiian world of Getaway Bay. The Bookish Billionaire is available today! Numbers guy and best man Price Robertson finds himself drawn to the maid of honor as they dance at a wedding. Always brain-bound, he hasn’t made […]

True Love Dog Destiny

My husband and I have been married 21 ¾ years. We’ve known each other for nearly 23. How is it possible there are surprises over and over confirming our “destined” love? Tuesday morning I was asking my husband about Snowball, the dog he had when he was a little boy. I’ve never seen a picture of […]

Five Movies that Define You

The other day a friend tossed out a topic on Facebook and asked for responses. Despite what initially looked like a fluffy subject, he received some insightful answers. His question was this: Name five movies that define you. Not that are your favorite, or that make you think, but that are a reflection of who you are. The […]

My Man is So Manly

I’m working like a banshee on an edit. I have to do a character overhaul because in the early drafts, the hero wasn’t manly!  Ain’t nobody got time for that. Not in a romance.  I went to talk to my husband (muse) for ideas. He was busy. “Whatcha doing?”He said, “Oh, my laptop’s screen got cracked, […]

Most Embarrassing Moments: Dating Edition

I promised you a “most embarrassing date” story. The truth is, there are probably too many to choose from. I have always been the person without a filter, and that has led to far too many “life experiences.”  But dating is a whole ‘nother world. I’ll just share one for now. So. On this one […]

My Next Getaway Bay Billionaire Book Available Now!

My Next Getaway Bay Billionaire Book Available Now!

It’s here! My second book in the Getaway Bay series of Clean Billionaire Beach Club is here and ready to read. The Benched Billionaire is all football, all second chances, and even … a secret baby. He’s a benched quarterback who needs redemption. She’s the single mom of their child. He’s back in town to […]

Happy New Year’s Resolutions

What are your plans for the new year? I’ve been slow to get mine solidified, but I’ve got a hazy idea going, so I’ll share. Most of mine revolve around two things: my kids and writing. Of course there’s the obligatory “eat less junk food” goal that I have every year, too, but the kid-focus […]


Hello, Fellow Reader. I probably should have been writing this Christmas break. I have a really ambitious publishing plan this upcoming year. However, there was SNOW! So I went sledding most of the day Monday. It’s my favorite! And it never happens.   When I was a kid, I lived in southern Idaho. Snow happened pretty muchfrom […]

“Falling for TJ Maxx”aka “Most Embarrassing Moments: Recent Edition”

This is the “most embarrassing moments: recent” edition of my blog. If you’re not in the mood to cringe, move along. Nothin’ to see here. So, on Friday last week I went to the city (we live two hours out of any “real” town) for an appointment. Of course I also saw it as a […]