The Great Lash-Tastrophe

 I spent the weekend watching a televised conference and being so uplifted! I came away with great tips for life, and I guess I was so energized by it that I was able to complete HALF a novel already this week. It’s going to be done in time to get it out to you for […]

New Boxed Set

New Boxed Set

I’ve decided to put my Legally in Love series into two boxed sets. Here’s the first one, available now–including in Kindle Unlimited. This one is “Legally in Love Boxed Set Volume 1: The Marriages of Convenience,” and it includes Legally Wedded, and Illegally Wedded, both of the MofC stories in the series. I also threw in the bonus […]

The Lure of Demolition

With the new year, I’ve gone back to my morning stationary bike rides–which means watching TV again. Yahoo! I’d missed it during the “gym only” months. Those home renovation shows are my guilty pleasure. Luckily, my husband Gary digs a few of them, too, depending on the personalities of the hosts. (He likes Desert Flippers most right now. […]

The Billionaire's Reluctant Bride Book 2 Available Now!

The Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride Book 2 Available Now!

I’m excited to be writing in collaboration with the totally AWESOME Cynthia Anaya. She’s done book 1 here, Marry Your Billionaire. I’ve got book 2 releasing today, Crushing on the Billionaire. Ready to read a long-burning crush that turns into the most awkward boss-secretary romance ever? A divorced billionaire and his devoted secretary must work […]

Meet Cute at Church

At church a couple of days ago, my teenaged girls were in their Sunday school class, and the lesson was on choosing a good husband to make a great family. (Good lesson topic, right? Way to go, Sunday teachers!)  When my 13yo told me that, it made me think of how Gary and I met–our […]

I Saw John Lennon at the Gym

I Saw John Lennon at the Gym

Hello, Reading Friends. So, I joined a gym. It’s not what you think! I joined last fall–not January 1st–when my son left for college. He and my husband had been going together, and I just transferred over the membership since we had it anyway. Sigh. I have a friend who describes going to the gym as “Gymprisonment.” I […]

New Book in the Getaway Bay Series

New Book in the Getaway Bay Series

Announcing a new book in my collaboration with bestselling authors Elana Johnson and Bonnie Paulson in the romantic Hawaiian world of Getaway Bay. The Bookish Billionaire is available today! Numbers guy and best man Price Robertson finds himself drawn to the maid of honor as they dance at a wedding. Always brain-bound, he hasn’t made […]

True Love Dog Destiny

My husband and I have been married 21 ¾ years. We’ve known each other for nearly 23. How is it possible there are surprises over and over confirming our “destined” love? Tuesday morning I was asking my husband about Snowball, the dog he had when he was a little boy. I’ve never seen a picture of […]