Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith

Jennifer Griffith is the author of four published novels: three inspirational novels, and "Big in Japan," the story of an accidental sumo wrestler. She is a wife, a mother of five, a cold cereal addict, and a moderately bad housekeeper.

A Few Tastes of Old Mexico

So, my babysitter of eight years and the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen has just celebrated her one year anniversary of marrying her husband Hector. Congratulations, Britlyn. You’ve saved my sanity on so many levels so many times. Every mother needs a Britlyn. I wish every frazzled mom out there some darling tweenager who […]

Joann's lovely book--30 years of research in this!

A Good Problem to Have

The other day was my dad’s birthday. I sent him a book, of course. Oh, and some balsa wood planes. Those are fun. I sent him Joann Mortensen’s biography of her great-great grandfather King Follett. My dad’s a retired history teacher, so he loves a good biography. And this one is. Anyway, we were on […]

Elf (novel) on the Shelf!

My friend Anna from my American Night Writers group has been “bitten by the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy-bug,” she says, and is on an elf novel kick. Her sixth elf novel in just five years is now in print and e-book and ready to read, all you fantasy fans! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I admit […]

Change Your Point of View

Somewhere in one of the songs on my running MP3 there’s a line, “change your point of view.” It might be in “Man in the Mirror.” No, I am not running very fast. And I’m proud of it. Anyway, as I’m prepping for this big rewrite of my NaNo novel, I got an idea about […]